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Wireless Component Supply Chain

Post-sales component supply chain is by nature complex, unpredictable, and customized. Unlike the pre-sales industry, the post-sales parts consumer deals primarily with mid- to end-of-life product cycles which require:

Fast Turnaround
Smaller MOQs
BFR Price point consideration
Inspection criteria identification
The parts consumers need to manage a wide variety of models that are affected by a wide range of repair issues. They must operate without having the benefit of a reliable forecasting of models and quantities from their customers.

Still… they must hit contracted completion demand dates.

What’s more, direct OEM supply is expensive and slow. Post sales repair is not a priority for the OEM component manufacturers. Quantity demands are typically lower than standard OEM production requirements or lower than MOQs for bulk buys.

And “Open Market” supply? It’s dominated by inconsistencies with respect to criteria, quality and price. It’s also governed by commodities speculation which by nature is not conducive to the stability re-manufacturing needs.
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Core-Channel is different.
The Core-Channel Component Supply Chain was created to meet the needs of Post-sales Remanufacturing.
Core-Channel offers a wide range of solutions.

•    A scale-able turn-key approach
•    Flexible to client needs and demands
•    Experienced and professional
•    And value-driven, delivering lower prices consistently

Core-Channel is dedicated to meeting your volume fulfillment needs. And, you can count on us to deliver specific quality at targetable price points.

Core-Channel successfully solves your OEM supply problems, improves response to your remanufacturing needs and delivers uniform quality in the commodities-driven Grey Market.

The Core-Channel Component Supply Chain is aligned to your needs. Without it, engaging in second-tier Grey Market supply can be exhaustive, inefficient and costly.