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Apples to Apples: Core-Channel delivers value.

Through our unique 7-Step Process we ensure process alignment, providing maximum cost efficiency, while delivering the maximum volume of material.

Step 1: Bill of Material
We review a Bill of Material for each model phone in the component supply chain. Having the ability to review a client generated Bill of Material can dramatically eliminate miscommunication of criteria and serve to remove the need for engineering discovery.

When the client’s Bill of Material is not available, Core-Channel does have the ability to work with client engineering teams to understand the specific criteria requirements necessary for successful supply chain integration.
Step 2: ICs (Inspection Criteria Documentation)
Before Core-Channel delivers a quote, the inspection process and quality criteria are pre-determined to ensure the process is understood, documented and mutually agreed upon.
This allows for an “apples-to-apples” engineering perspective in order to form the base foundation of process integration. This also helps to ensure a maximum volume of viable material remains in production rather than wastefully engaging in RMA cycles because of minor criteria misunderstandings.

While Inspection Criteria confirmation by clients can be accomplished later in our process if necessary, Core-Channel does insist upon IC confirmation BEFORE we can actively deliver volumes of materials or establish robust supply chain. Having a uniform understanding and agreement on how the materials will be securitized is absolutely essential to supply-chain success.

Step 3: Core-Channel Quote
Having thoroughly identified Inspection Criteria for materials, Core-Channel then issues a quote that details forecasted pricing, available volumes and lead times. Core-Channel quotes are delivered with expiration dating made necessary by normal market fluctuations.

Step 4: PO Issuance
Upon reaching full understanding and agreement, it’s necessary for the client to issue a formal PO before Core-Channel can formally engage the supply chain. Upon reaching full understanding and agreement, it’s necessary for the client to issue a formal PO before Core-Channel can formally engage the supply chain

Step 5: PO Acceptance
The Dedicated Core-Channel Account Manager then reviews the specific requirements of the Purchase Order and creates a fulfillment plan that engages the entire Core-Channel Project Management Team.

The specific component configuration, quality assurance, availability, and packaging for each required component are carefully considered. Following this Core-Channel delivers a Fulfillment Schedule Commitment. Once the client confirms the schedule, Core-Channel can then engage the supply chain and begin fulfillment.

Step 6: Fulfillment
Throughout the entire fulfillment process Core-Channel remains engaged with the client. The client’s Dedicated Account Manager facilitates continued forecasting and issues a weekly open order report that details the fulfillment schedule.
Step 7: Post Fulfillment
Clients are assigned a dedicated Corrective Actions Officer who thoroughly reviews all RMA requests. If necessary, the Corrective Actions Officer will also facilitate “Closed Loop Corrective Actions” that include isolating any defective inventories within the supply chain, identifying the defect root cause and rectifying any quality issues in order to minimize interruption to fulfillment.

Core-Channel is not a “spot trader.” It is not our intent to leverage the marketplace or our clients. Through our Dedicated Post Fulfillment Process we strive to build a long-term, self-correcting and reliable supply chain that’s aligned with our client’s needs.